We are constantly working to ensure that the must current, up-to-date evidence based pathways are available for all our staff to use when seeing patients. As they are developed they will be uploaded onto the various areas of the website. Recent updates will also be attached here....so check back regularly!!!

January 2018

CCNT referral form

ORCAT Referral Forms

December 2017

Paediatric Clerking Document and Demographics Sheet

Paediatric Asthma Document

Inhaler technique leaflet

Paediatric Nursing Document

Burns and Plastics Referral Process

November 2017

NGT insertion checklist

OCTOber 2017

CCNT referral form

ED RSI Checklist

CVC Checklist

July 2017

Complex Infusion Charts

New Updated Antibiotic Policy

MAY 2017

Insulin Therapies Safety Alert

Changes to the antibiotics for sepsis (adult) - here

APRIL 2017

New Paediatric trauma section on MAJOR TRAUMA & BURNS including head injuries - here

March 2017

Oral Fluid Challenge

Sexual Assault Pathway

February 2017

New Sickness Notification process

Stoke Pathway - Update

Paediatric Nursing Assessment Form

Sepsis Trust Paediatric Guidelines - Under 5 years, 5-11 years and 12+ years

New Clinic Referral Forms

January 2017

Updated Loading Dose Policy

Loading dose: Acetylcysteine - Update

Loading dose: Aminophylline - Update

Loading dose: Amiodarone - Update

December 2016

Failed Catheterisation

November 2016

Thoracolumbar Spine Injury Algorithm

Paediatric DKA Pathway

Epistaxis Pathway

Tonsillitis Pathway

October 2016

MSCC Checklist

Updated Chest Pain Pathway & Admission Form

Trust HI Policy & Flow chart

September 2016

CAP Proforma

July 2016

Doc-to-Doc SBAR

Daily handover

June 2016

Seldinger Chest Drain Checklist

Paediatric Sepsis 6