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sepsiS (ADULT)

Due to the worldwide shortage of Tazocin the management of sepsis is changing:

Red flag Sepsis with known source (CAP/uro/cellulitis etc) – Give appropriate specific  IV Antibiotics – updated antibiotic policy (and summary sheet) is due soon but most important change is Levofloxacin instead of Tazocin for severe CAP/HAP

Red flag Sepsis unknown sourceGentamicin 5mg/kg IV PLUS Amoxicillin 1g IV PLUS Metronidazole 500mg IV (Gent + Teic + Metro for pen allergy and Aztreonam/Teic/Metro for anaphylaxis)

Give in order written above.  Please note - Gentamicin reduced to 5mg/kg

Red flag Sepsis with hypotension (systolic BP <90mmHg)Meropenem 1g  IV

Neutropenic sepsis  - Tazocin 4.5g IV  (Meropenem 1g if Penicillin allergy)

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