Occupational Health



You are required to report to occupational health soon after you start your job.

If you are already immunised for hepatitis B you will be required to provide evidence to this effect.

They can advise you if you have suffered an accident or needlestick injury at work. They can also arrange for confidential counselling.

Staff Counselling Service

All Trust staff are able to access a confidential counselling service via the Occupational Health Service.  The Trust employs 4 qualified staff counsellors and also has the services of a number of supervised trainee counsellors.

Counselling offers a safe place to explore difficulties in your life, be they home or work related, with someone who is impartial and who is trained to neither judge nor make decisions for you.  It allows you to explore your options for change and make choices for a way forward.

If you wish to access the excellent counselling facilities, please ring one of the following numbers where an appointment will be arranged in strictest confidence.

Please ring Occupational Health Service on the following number  0161 720 (4)2727