Sickness notification

  • Inform Shopfloor as soon as possible – ring 0161 627 8291 informing the Duty Consultant (or Sister in charge / Registrar if Consultant unavailable). This should be a minimum of 4 hours before the commencement of a working shift unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. car accident on way to work)


  • Ring the Medical Staffing and Abscense team on 0161 922 3417


  • Email notification to ALL of




  • Inform Duty Consultant as soon as feasible ie following morning – 0161 627 8291


  • Contact Duty Consultant each morning of period sickness unless clear return to work date – 0161 627 8291


  • To provide ongoing pastoral care, it is our policy to contact colleagues who are unwell to support a return to work


  • It is Trust policy to hold Return to Work interviews