Journal Club 28th May

What could be a better way of spending a sunday morning over a bank holiday weekend .... than kicking back and enjoying some critical appraisal?!?!!? who's with me???

For those people working a shift - I hope all is well and it's not too hectic.... kudos

Now to matters of.... KNOWLEDGE

We are considering paediatric seizures this week with a new article from JAMA.... whats better for stopping a paediatric seizure... Diazepam or Lorazepam??? Artcle is tagged on below....
We were also hoping Francesca had trawled the BestBETS database to see if there is any evidence for admitting or discharging adult first fit patients???

We are a bit thin on the ground in the department this week so may not manage a full session on wednesday..... we will try but might have to convene in a weeks time.

ALSO.... AS A LATE KNOWLEDGE BONUS....... after reviewing a paper 3 weeks ago suggesting adrenaline during cardiac arrest is almost worthless... a paper published in this weeks BMJ saying how ace early adrenaline is during in-hospital cardiac arrest..... what do you think??? paper attached.

JAMA diazepam vs lorazepam in paediatric seizures

BMJ early adrenaline during in hospital cardiac arrest

That's all for now

mmmmm mmmm coffee and critical appraisal....... enjoy

Tom B