1. Arrive a few minutes early so that cases can be handed over.

2. Ring the Department/Consultant/Registrar or the Secretary if you are unavoidably delayed.

3. Inform the Consultant/Secretary when you resume work from sickness.  Return to work interview must take place with a consultant. 

4. Let Mr McCahill know about your holiday arrangements and complete your annual leave form for the “L” days on the rota at least 4 weeks beforehand.

5. Do not swap shifts or days without informing Alison or Consultants.

6. When you are on duty, you should stay in the department, even if it is not busy (unless on your break).

7. If you take a meal break, inform the Nurse in Charge/Registrar/Consultant. 

8. If you are off sick, ring and speak to a Consultant and try to say when you are likely to return.

9. Do not get into an argument with a colleague from another department.

10. If you have a difference of opinion, let your registrar know.

11. Speak to the nursing staff if you perceive a problem.

12. “I am the doctor” attitude does not help.

13. Do not be rude to the patient even if they are inappropriate attenders.  However, it is OK to be firm and explain why their attendance is inappropriate.

14. If you are unsure about an x-ray request go and speak to the radiographer on-call.

15. If you are unsure about x-ray findings, check with the Registrar/Consultant or  Consultant Radiologist.

16. Fill in request forms fully so that mistakes are avoided.  This is especially so for requests for blood transfusions. Please take care with x-ray requests to fill in demographics, clinical findings and LMP in child bearing age (pregnancy test is required for truncal x-rays). See here for more.

17. Get involved in audit – you can get help from the Audit Department.

18. Complete the A&E notes before moving on to the next patient, if you don’t you will be made to do it anyway.

19.  Please ensure an appropriate “Fit Note” is completed for all patients where it is obvious they will  be off for more than the “self certification” 7 days. It is not reasonable to send someone to their GP only to get a “Fit Note”.