Computer System

Symphony System.gif

This department uses the Footman-Walker Symphony system, you will be given username/password and basic training on the first day.   The system requires you to enter times when you see patients, as well as referral, investigation, and diagnosis details. We will be auditing computer usage during the time you are here.

Please make sure that you enter when you go to see the patient and try and click on the appropriate box and refer to the specialty at the same time, or click on the box and discharge at the same time. It is impossible to audit our, and your practice accurately if you don't do this.

The computers in the work area are NOT to be used for personal purposes, playing music etc, nor should you attempt to install any software on them. There is a computer in the seminar room which you can use for personal internet access during your breaks and working on audit projects.

You will be getting monthly tabulated feedback about the patients you have seen, including investigations done, ECGs, x-rays etc. If you do not click on these been done it will reflect on your performance. Also the trust will not get paid appropriately as this is linked to what is done.

You will need to order any x-rays or CT scans on the system and prescriptions and blood tests are also generated via Symphony. As the system is regularly refreshing please ensure that the x-ray or prescription you sign IS actually for that patient, as it may have refreshed just as you clicked on the box, and you will then generate your paperwork on the wrong patient. This may have life threatening consequences if not picked up, and is entirely your responsibility.