FREE "First Aid" courses for patients

You may have noticed some Red Cross "First aid" leaflets have appeared in the minor injuries area?!... We are lucky to be part of a join project with Public Health Oldham and the Red Cross, to try and raise awareness of first aid in the community and attempt to reduce the number of patients presenting to us, with minor injuries that could be easily treated at home or elsewhere.

The idea is this - we offer the leaflet to any minor injury patient that attends and ask them to drop the form off at reception after they have been discharged. They can either fill the form in (if they are interested) or tick the box saying "not interested" if that's how they feel. The Red Cross do the rest.

The patient is contacted at home and can go on a FREE first aid course... this teaches some basic medical stuff but also importantly lets the patients know where they can get advise/help that is NOT in the Emergency Department......

A good idea and worth trying I think?!..... But what are your thoughts? I'd be interested to hear/read your ideas.